my, how time flies

It is hard to even put into words how great it is to be back home here in Mukono.
Time has really been flying by, I can’t believe that I leave in just a few days.

Even though this trip is short, it has been so good.
In this time, I feel like I have slipped back into life here and been a part of what has been going on and catching up on the lives of my friends and family.
Oh and of course getting to see all of the changes that have been taking place at Champions Christian Primary School and with the Hallelujah Project [the library / classroom building we are building here].

I plan to write more and when I get back, but here are a couple of pictures of the building here:)

can you believe how big it has gotten?


Uncle Sam breaking out the space for one of the doors


And for some really great news, the books are finally on their way here.  They are set to arrive next week!  Thank you for all of your prayers thus far.

If you are interested in supporting this project financially, feel free to ask me any questions, or click here to find out how.


much love!


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