home is where the heart is

To be perfectly honest, when I was leaving America for this trip, I was a bit anxious; I had no idea what to expect.  Along with that anxiousness came a great deal of excitement though; and soon after arriving, the anxiousness disappeared.

As soon as I walked out of the airport in Entebbe, Uganda, saw Pastor and Maama Frida’s faces, I knew I was home.
After the two hour drive to Mukono, I entered the house that had been my home for over a year; it was good to be back.  I stayed up with Elizabeth (my mom in the house) and a few other people, talking for a while before heading to bed (my plane had landed just before midnight:)

laughing with Elizabeth and Nakato – happens quite a bit with these two


After spending a couple of long, but good, days in Kampala at a conference with others from the church, I finally went to school on Friday and saw the kids.
Not only did I just get to see the school, but I was able to help in Baby class again!

filling out numerous books of work for the 54+ students in Baby class [the equivalent of preschool]


DSC_0378a few kids eager to have their picture taken on their way to classes 


In some ways it felt like I had not been gone for almost five months; which is really an indescribable feeling, I am very thankful to have.
My short time back in Mukono was filled with numerous conversations, hugs, high fives and quality time with great people I consider my friends and family.

I have numerous pictures and stories from my time there, but here are just a few pictures to hold you until I give an update on the Hallelujah Project [library / classrooms we’ve been building].

goofing around with some of the kids Saturday afternoon


DSC_0410their faces may not be in focus – but, Peace and Aggie are radiating happiness as we eat baby mangoes and they tell me to stop taking their pictures:)


my precious little Lytone, so good to see her again!


much love!


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