growing and changing

When I moved back from Uganda at the end of December, I knew work on the Hallelujah Project  [the library/classroom building that started being dug April 2013] was not over and would not stop just because I was leaving.

soon before I left, this is what the building was looking like


In fact, Pastor and Maama Frida would send updates on the school and the building, including pictures.
But, there is definitely a difference in being there and being back here in America and communicating through emails and getting updated on the happenings over there.

I think that is another reason why my recent trip back to Mukono was so great.
Besides what I wrote about last week, which you can read here; seeing the progress of the building and the school in person was amazing.

From emails, I knew the school had made changes and progressed since last year.
To see that progression in person and to be able to see the tangible differences was something that cannot be conveyed in an email.
It was great to have conversations with my friends at the school, to meet new teachers, and to see the students.

upper students gathered during morning assembly


As for the Hallelujah Project, seeing that in person, I had no words the first night I saw it (not like that’s a new occurrence for me:)
When I left, as you can see in the picture above, they were going to put a ceiling on the ground floor; now almost all the walls on the second floor are up to ceiling height.
Now, the inside of the ground floor is being plastered and finished, shelves and tables are being built for books.
Oh, and the books have officially arrived!

starting to plaster the ceiling of the ground floor before I left


I keep saying it’s hard to believe how far the building has come and how much has happened with the Hallelujah Project.  I remember what the school used to look like, and seeing all of the changes is really exciting.
Here are a couple of pictures for you to see some of the changes since the building was started!

much of the area cleared for the building and the retaining wall built


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADavis and I watching as they are starting the slab [or the ground of the ground floor]


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwalls of  the ground floor starting to go up


DSC_0330a two story building when I visited at the end of May!


much love!


ps. if you are interested in helping us see this project continue, you can find out more information about supporting it financially here.  Or you can feel free to contact me if you have any questions, as well:)


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