i didn’t have a party, but that’s ok

Fourteen days ago marked the beginning of the second half of 2014.
Most people probably didn’t even notice the shift from first to second half.
It’s not like anything really big happened that day, at least not in my life this year.

Last year, though, was another story.  If you don’t recall that celebration you should read about it here!

during last year’s party at the church on June 30th – little boy dancing outside and some of the people preparing food in the kitchen


I might not have had a party to celebrate the first six months of this year, but thinking about last year’s definitely got me to reflect on all that has happened thus far in 2014.

Thus far, this year may not seem too exciting or glamorous.
And there may have been some uphill battles I’ve had to deal with along the way, such as re-entry to America (more than once:)
But, there is no need to focus on the negatives; plus, facing challenges can definitely be opportunities for growth.

The first half of my 2014 included some of the following, in case you’re interested…

– Starting the year Berlin

ringing in 2014 at the Brandenburg Gate


– two great conferences, seeing friends, and having a good time in LA and San Diego, CA

1798800_10201649487741418_375707907_nbesides a 9 mile walk down the beach one day, this was our only other time at the beach (kind of sad for two girls spending time in CA from MI)


– quality time with friends and family (in person – instead of over Skype:)
– getting a part-time job
– amazing progress on the Hallelujah Project [the library  / classroom building in Uganda]
– officially meeting and hanging out in person with a “co-worker” from my time in Japan

so thankful our unique paths were able to cross while I was in Chicago


– honored to be in a wedding for a good friend
– having the opportunity to visit my friends and family in Mukono, Uganda

so great to be back at the school and see all of the kids and smiling faces again


– getting to see Amsterdam during my 6.5 hour layover
– boxes and boxes upon books finally arrived in Uganda the week after I left from my visit
– meeting my friends’ kids / going to their birthday parties

What will the rest of this year hold?
I have no idea.  But, that’s ok.
And honestly, that’s part of the adventure.
There’s One who does know, and that’s all that matters!


much love!


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