would you rather . . .

When things get slow in the world of coffee, one of my co-workers and I typically pass the time by cleaning, and asking a myriad of random questions and “would you rather’s…”

Most of it is sheer ridiculousness:
Would you rather have mops for feet or towels for hands?
Would you rather bark like a dog every time you talked or were only able to say one phrase – “Polly want a cracker?”
Would you rather have garlic breath or have bleu cheese b.o.?
Would you rather be a celebrity or a royal?

But sometimes our questions make me think about changes in my life and my perspective of things over the past few years.
Would you rather spend 2 years on a deserted island or 2 years in a remote village somewhere?
If you could wake up tomorrow in any country, where would you be?
Would you rather live without electricity or without running water?

I know what I answer now to some questions is not what it would have been four years ago, maybe not even two years ago.
And honestly, that’s kind of cool to me.
Sometimes I feel like I haven’t changed.  That life has been happening and I have been doing things, but I haven’t necessarily changed much.
It was encouraging to see, through these simple back and forth questions, that change has occurred.

sometimes [many times] I miss the view out my window in Uganda


This might be the end of my story for today.
But I know it’s not over.
I am not done growing and I’m not done changing:)


much love!


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