Agape Library

This blog is a long-time coming, and I apologize for how long it has been since I have written…

Both Pastor and Maama Frida prayed for a name for the library.
They both got the word agape.
In simple terms, agape means selfless, unconditional love.  They felt it was fitting because of the unconditional love both Chandler and I have for the school and for this project.  As soon as I heard the name I thought it was perfect also because of Pastor and Maama Frida’s love for the school and the children there.

A name was chosen and the books had arrived; the first floor of the Hallelujah Project was finally complete!
Towards the beginning of July a ceremony was given for the Agape library.  Pastor’s brother, Pastor Eddie, came over from Kenya, to dedicate and bless the library.  There was an officially opening and parents were allowed to be among the first to walk in and see all the books and what all was in the library.

part of Agape Library


another part of the library – mats and stools for reading on


doorway between sections on the ground floor of the building


the newly finished, three classrooms next to the library


With the first floor complete, not only was long-awaited library opened, but now the school has three more classrooms they are able to use!
There are still three more classrooms that need funding to finish being built on the second floor** – but it has been so amazing to see this progress so far!


much love!


**If you want to donate or help spread the word about the campaign to raise money for these classrooms click this link**



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