so, what’s next?

So I’ve alluded to this over the past few days.  But I guess it’s finally time to fill you in on what’s coming up for me.
For quite some time I had been feeling like I should teach English.  Not something I’d ever really thought about doing.  I think education is important, and maybe there could be something from the experience for my future.

In less than one week, visa depending, I’m moving to Daegu, South Korea to teach English as a second language.
My students will mostly be kindergartners, with some older elementary students later in the day.

next week, I should be on a plane to Korea:)


I wish I had more to share with you about what I’m doing and where I’m going, but I’m sure there will be a lot to tell once I get there and things get started.

What I can tell you for now is, the past couple of months have been a number of up and downs with jobs and preparations.
And this job, the process of getting it, and getting ready to go, has been quite the whirlwind.

As I mentioned before, being in America hasn’t been the easiest for me, but leaving is definitely full of many emotions.
There are feelings of being overwhelmed for what needs to be done here and sadness as I say my goodbyes; and excitement and nervousness for what is to come;

So soon.
So soon.
I can’t believe I leave in less than one week.


much love!



2 thoughts on “so, what’s next?

  1. That is so exciting!! Will definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs and God bless!

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  2. My goodness! You are incredible! I love the energy of youth an admire you so much for being patient for your next calling. I had a feeling when you went back to see the kids that there was more in store for you. Patience is hard, but hearing is harder in our hectic everyday lives. It must have been difficult to see your parents move, the home you knew as “home” sold, and roots uplifted. Perhaps God was working with your parents laying new plans for them so you would be more mindful of your next calling. He is an awesome God and I never tire of hearing how his plans are played out in our story of life.

    Blessings to you in your new journey. I will praise God for keeping you safe and comfortable in your new home. Have a blast with your new kids and tell them you have lots of friends who are praying for them, too. Our Bible Study group will be praying for you, too. 🙂 Remember when we met in NY…you were all laden down with backpacks…and soooo excited to move to Uganda. Now onto another destination. Wish I was at the airport to send you off. Can’t wait for your blogs. Keep them coming. Love ya, Jan Pollock


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