getting ready for school

The rate I had been going with blog posting, some of you have probably expected another blog or two by now.
I’m sorry for the delay.  The last week has not only been busy preparing for school to start on Monday, but I have been sick.  Still not feeling 100%, but I know I will get there eventually:)

In preparing for the new school year to begin, and teach my own classes, I have had the opportunity to shadow the other foreign teachers to see their teaching styles and how they run different classes.  I think it was helpful to do that and to be able to ask them questions about how to handle different aspects of class.

My mornings and early afternoons will be filled with teaching various English subjects to two different 6 year old (Korean age) kindergarten classes.  The rest of my afternoon will be spread between two after school kindergarten classes, and three after school elementary classes.

This week we were preparing for all of those classes.
Making sure we know our schedules and what we’ll be teaching each class.
Do the foreign teachers understand the material?
Then there is preparing the classrooms for the morning kindergarten students – decorations!  After talking with one of my Korean co-teachers, she wanted me to handle much of the decorating because she has been busy, so I found things, printed, and laminated yesterday.

pile of laminated decorations


our class tree I made – we will place each students’ picture on it


There are still a couple more signs I want to make and preparations I need to make to feel ready for Monday; but I am feeling much more ready than I did when I stepped off of the plane a couple of weeks ago!


much love!



One thought on “getting ready for school

  1. Boy, did that message bring back memories of my preparation prior to school starting when I was teaching. I graduated from CMU with a teaching degree in Phys Ed and Health. Taught in Rockford Middle School for a few years until my boys came along. We moved to Buchanan, due to my hubby’s promotion in the State Police. When the youngest was in 1st grade I went back into the classroom, but this time teaching Preschool, then 6th grade. Got my Masters Degree in Elementary Ed. during this time, & I moved to 5th grade. Stayed there the longest. Then he got promoted to LT. and we moved to Pinckney. That’s when I decided to do the K-Care (before & after school care) and was the Coordinator for the district Summer Latchkey program, which I grew from 25 kids to 125 kids within 2 yrs. Good memories of all my teaching and loving on kids. Now I just enjoy my 3 grandkids and helping with kids ministry at church.

    I pray you will get healthy and remain so….it is so draining on the system….drink LOTS of water! i love your energy and love of children. It is truly a gift from God. Too many people in this world don’t want anything to do with them and they have no role models. You will touch their hearts in lots of ways. I know God is smiling down on you and his arms are wrapped around you. Keep smiling and having fun amongst the whirlwind of teaching.

    Love you and you are in our prayers :o) Jan


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