in my kitchen

I had intentions to write about something else tonight; but, as I shopped for and ate food, this is what I was thinking…
Boy, am I thankful I know how to cook.
Since I was little, I have been in the kitchen, A LOT!
The kitchen is a place I relax and have fun; experimenting and trying new things with whatever is available for cooking.
Tonight was no exception.
These were the ingredients I had to work with:

garlic, mushrooms, squeeze tube tofu, and brown seaweed


image2my not so large cook-space


Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the finished food, that was eaten much too quick:)
But, I can show you my empty bowl and chopsticks as evidence of a meal well enjoyed:

better than it sounds and I expected!


Since being in Korea, I have eaten out more than I typically ever do.  But, it is so much fun for me to cook with foods I have never cooked with, and sometimes don’t even know exactly what it is.
Thank you to my family who taught me at a young age how to cook and not to to be afraid to fail in the kitchen:)


much love!



2 thoughts on “in my kitchen

  1. Hi Bethany, Another adventure in your life as a foreigner. Well done…do you realize how many people go to a foreign country and actually convince themselves that they will NOT be willing and able to stomach the food on a daily basis. I have heard far too many people complain about the food, when they should be grateful for each and every morsel that goes into their mouth. We are too spoiled here in America and tend to use food as a crutch rather than nourishment. You are an exception to this. Smiles your way.

    Hope you are settling into teaching your kids. What a blessing you are to their young minds. Enjoy each and every day with these precious little ones. I have an idea….we have an awesome Montessori school in our church. I think you said you are working with kindergarten kids….would you like to do an exchange with writing/drawings/pictures between the two schools? While I am waiting for your reply, I will ask Miss Kathy her thoughts, too. If so, I need to know how many kids you have and then an address to send stuff to. Wouldn’t it be fun to do a video chat sometime!!!! My mind is flowing. Food for thought. Don’t be afraid to say no at this time. I know how crazy the beginning of the year is.

    Lots of love and prayers go out to you. Jan >

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