it’s your birthday…

Well, well, well little seeeesssterrr, it is past 12AM on the twelfth of March, here in Korea – which means, it is officially your Birthday!!!

I guess I can start celebrating now; so, 13 extra hours to celebrate this day of you turning twenty-something years old.
Last night, I got semi-lost, or more like I couldn’t find the place I was looking for; so on my long walk home, I took 13 pictures to share with you in honor of the 13 extra hours of celebrating your day of birth this year.

image1 copy 2
i think they’re singing to you!


image5 copypink frogs, maybe?!


image3 copy 2
do you think the animals are oblivious, they look so happy?


image2 copy 2birthday bacon!


image4 copy 2you can write your own caption for this…


image1 copyUnbelievable, it’s your birthday!!


image4 copyl could get you this notebook, if you want…


image2 copydo you remember the big Hello Kitty in NYC?


image1“oh baby, oh baby baby”


image3look, it’s your car


image5does your bank have these giant pin wheels?


image3 copytoday IS special!



image4these two wanted to wish you a happy birthday, as well


And because this blog (and your birthday) is not complete without another photo, here is one of my favorites:)

yep, a classic


Happy happy birthday!
Enjoy all 37 hours of it:)


much love!



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