month one – over

By the lack of blogs, one could draw a number of conclusions…
I don’t like it here
Nothing is happening
Life is boring
I am busy
I’ve run away
I’ve forgotten how to type

I think the only one in the above list that is remotely true, would be, I am busy.  But along with that, I would also say that I have been trying to find a rhythm, to my daily life here, and all that needs to be done.

Sometimes it feels like it was just last week I was getting off the plane in Seoul, to start my life in Korea.  But, one month of school has already concluded.  I feel like it was definitely a learning experience for me as a teacher (and one would hope a learning experience for my students, as well:)

Along with regularly scheduled classes, we had some special events that the kids enjoyed.
One such event would be the zoo; or a few different animals came to the school and the kindergartners were able to see the animals up close.

so close, we all pet a large snake – I even had it wrapped around my shoulders


IMG_4427some of my kids petting animals at the “zoo”


We also had cooking class, where the kids had fun making and eating ladybugs.

one of my classes working on their ladybugs


IMG_4449one of my boys proudly showing off his finished ladybugs


Picnic, better known as field trip, this past month, was at MBC; which is the local broadcasting studio.  We, better yet, those who speak Korean, learned about the newsroom, and I don’t even know what else:)  But, we were able to see the blue screen in action, which was pretty cool.

6 year old classes on the blue screen


April has already started, and there is plenty to keep me busy and plenty for me to learn.


much love!



5 thoughts on “month one – over

  1. Love reading about your time there. You will definitely grow as a teacher, it just takes time! I have faith in ya!

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