living is easy with eyes closed…

Let me tell you, being at this private kindergarten here in South Korea is much different than being at Champions in Uganda.
I could make a list for you, but in all honesty, I don’t think that really matters.
But, one of the ways that it does show is in the resources available and the opportunities presented to the kids.
An example of what I mean by the opportunities is, every month we have a picnic day, or field trip.
For May, our kindergarten picnic was a trip to pick strawberries.
It was quite fun, and absolutely a delicious experience!

walking back in the little dome to pick strawberries


image4watching some of the other classes – our schools filled the dome we were in


image5 this cute, little one was covered in strawberry gook by the time we were done:)


image6one of my classes enjoying the picking process


our class strawberry pail filling up quite nicely as I am handed one more


image8so putting Bugles (or similar chips) on fingers is not just American:)


image9although this pictures looks like they are in agony, they did have fun – they had just been running and being dinosaurs – dinosaurs don’t like their pictures being taken:)


The next day the kids each decorated a cake with cream and strawberries to take home for their parents as a gift for Parents’ Day.
Overall, I would say this was a great picnic day!


much love!



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