overdue for an update

Many days I think about writing a blog.
Then something happens and the blog gets put on the back burner.
What comes up?
Day to day that varies…
somedays it’s having extra work that needs to be done for school – like comments or plans
or maybe prepping for science project or an English Village day
sometimes it’s a friend asking me for dinner or coffee
other times it’s Korean class or needing to study my Korean
then there are the days when I am just too tired

For those of you that have been asking yourself (or even me:) things are going well.
Yes, I am adjusted.
In all honesty, I don’t really feel like there was a big time of adjustment for me.
When I came here, it was a new country, and I needed to learn what the food was like and get used to how life is done here.
Really, my adjustment was more to working in this school and being a teacher.
So, besides teaching at school every week, what have I been up to in Korea?
Quite a bit actually.
I have been hiking a few times

view from my last hike


from the first time I went hiking here – Mt. Apsen, overlooking Daegu


eating some great food
and desserts:)

bing su, with my friend Colette


going to a beautiful island

on Namhae


attempting to learn Korean
trying to keep in touch with people from America and Uganda
making friends and hanging out with them

with some of my friends here


As busy as my days and weeks may be, I am truly thankful for the opportunity I have to be living here and doing this.


much love!



2 thoughts on “overdue for an update

  1. Thank you!
    We are being much more vigilant with hand washing and sanitizing.
    Oh, and also, a field trip and two other events of ours have been postponed.

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