what does it take?

Sometimes in life, we are asked questions to which we don’t have the answers.
Other times, there are questions asked where we have an answer in words and feelings from experience.

So what does it take to learn a new language?
You know, all of the logical answers.  But I the one I’ve been thinking about quite a bit lately is passion.
I think it takes passion and desire to learn a new language.  I’m sure there are people who learn without that, but at least in my life and in the students I see, that makes a big difference.

during one of my Korean classes


Last week, I finished the very basic level Korean class.  But I feel like I don’t really know anything; and besides reading, it’s hard for me to implement what I do know.
Although I want to learn Korean to communicate better here, I find it difficult to study, and I easily become distracted.  There are times I even start looking up words in Luganda [the language I learned in Uganda].


my Luganda notebook


When I was learning Luganda, it was so much different for me.  I kept wanting to learn more and take more in.  I still become enthralled looking through my notes or learning new words.

In my students, I see passion being important as well.  The ones who don’t care or want to learn English, I don’t see as much progress as the ones who have enthusiasm for it.

I think this is applicable in other parts of life as well, but, recently I have been thinking about languages:)


much love



3 thoughts on “what does it take?

  1. I totally agree! It’s all about passion and welling to learn not only considering new languages but also other things that need to be learnt! Passion is a primitive stone in learning!
    I Really love your post as it really touched me cause I recently started learning korean although I guess I will never ever be able to visit Korea! But still I have that passion to learn hanguel!

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