You know those times when you are going into a situation, then things do not turn out like you expected?
Sometimes that can be a bad thing – thus over the past few years I have worked through letting go of having expectations.
But, this past Friday night, I went up to Seoul with one of my friends.  After checking in on the fourth floor, the lady took us down to one of the girls’ dorms on the first floor.  Upon walking in, I realized I had had expectations.
This place was not at all what I expected, but in a good way.
It was the nicest hostel I’ve ever stayed.

from the entry way of our room


The next morning, Kelly and I awoke early, because we were being picked up to go on a Panmunjom [Joint Security Area] tour.

with Kelly, after the bus ride, but before our briefing and tour


You can look up pictures and read stories online, but to see places in person and hear the history that goes along with what you are seeing is so much different.
Yesterday, I learned more about the history between North and South Korea, went into the DMZ [Demilitarized Zone], and was technically in North Korea at one point.

in the JSA – facing the DPRK


Getting to the various places within the tour took less time than what Kelly and I had expected.  But, I learned and was able to see much during that time.

overlooking Freedom Bridge – where prisoners were exchanged after the war


If you don’t know anything about North Korea or the DMZ, I encourage you to look some things up.  It is the world’s most heavily fortified border and tensions are high.


much love


Oh and my week long summer break will be coming up soon!
Where do you think I will be going?
Maybe not where you expect – but I’ll tell you in my next blog:)


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