microphones and malaria

When I returned from Uganda, I planned to give you an update on the Hallelujah Project.
I thought that would have been posted by now.  But you know, school started back up right away, I got malaria, and have needed rest, lots of rest.
And yesterday was Open Class – parents come in for a few hours on a Saturday to watch us teach their precious children.
No big deal, right?
The past couple of weeks have been prep for this special day.
Prepping materials and practicing with the kids.
We have to make a specific lesson, make posters or other materials, and work on pronunciation and what not with our classes.

my materials for my two classes


This past Monday, was my final day taking malaria medicine, which I don’t normally feel so great when on the tablets.  So in my mind I thought I will wake up Tuesday and be strong and healthy again.
Tuesday I woke up and was starting to lose my voice.  Each day I had less and less of a voice.  Saturday, when I was greeting my co-teacher, she decided I needed to wear a microphone in order for parents to hear me.

I felt like a tour guide or a game show host!


My body still feels exhausted a lot faster than normal.  But, I am making sure to eat well and get a lot of rest (so no one is allowed to worry – I am fine:)
Open Class is over!
One of our Hollywood Kids performances is over (we did that as well yesterday) – My six year olds put on the Ugly Duckling.
I have another group of six year olds doing the Ugly Duckling this Wednesday evening.

the costume rack and where they put on the performance


Now that open class is over, I will be writing more soon about my trip back to Uganda.


much love!



2 thoughts on “microphones and malaria

    • we prepare special classes on a Saturday, for parents to come in a watch.
      sometimes they are even asked to participate during parts of the lesson.
      this is for them to see the school and thE English progress of their children more.

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