hanbok and a holiday

At school last Tuesday, we celebrated Chuesok.
You may be asking, “What is Chuesok?”
It is a big Korean holiday in the fall, and is often called Korean Thanksgiving.
There are different cultural customs that go into celebrating this holiday, and normally it is observed for three days.
This year, Chuseok fell on Sunday [27th] so we had Monday and Tuesday with no school [28th and 29th]!

Back to celebrating at school…
The five foreign teachers were asked to wear hanbok [traditional Korean outfit] for the celebration.
I had volunteered to ride in one of the vans in the morning to help greet kids, to make this day a little more special.  When our students started entering dressed in their own hanbok, I was surprised.
They were adorable!

in my hanbok – apparently it was a fusion dress (not quite traditional)


IMG_7115with Kate and Shea, the other two female foreign teachers, before the festivities


the kids in hanbok and the hats they made


IMG_6595isn’t she adorable?!


IMG_6618and one more, because he’s pretty cute as well!


Not only was Chuseok a good reason to get dressed up and have a party at school, but having a four day weekend was also pretty great.
I took full advantage of the time off of school and Korea’s close proximity to other countries.
What did I do for Chuseok?
I’ll let you know soon:)


much love



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