I’m not much into the different “days” after Thanksgiving:
Black Friday
Small-Business Saturday
Cyber Monday

But there is one day, that started in 2012, which I like the idea behind – #GivingTuesday (click for more information behind this “day”)
After Thanksgiving, a lot of money goes into buying gifts for friends and relatives, or buying things because they are a “steal.”
People can be very generous, but sometimes not know how to help.  #GivingTuesday can help to bring awareness to organizations or causes that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Since Fall of 2012, soon after I had first moved to Uganda, God laid it on my heart to build a library and additional classrooms for the school.
If you’ve read my blogs, there’s a good chance you have already heard about this Hallelujah Project (as it was named) for Champions Christian Primary School.

Over the past couple of years, it’s been amazing to see the progress of the building and the development of the school.  In July, 2013, the library and three ground floor classrooms were officially opened and dedicated.
The second floor, with three more classrooms, has made progress since then; but can’t seem to get past the “walls” stage.  The outside walls for the second floor are almost all at roof level, but it is not usable in this condition.

sometimes, it’s hard to believe this much transformation has already happened

We have gotten estimates, from an architect / building consultant, on what it would take to finish the building.
The grand total is roughly $43,000.
Not going to lie, that number is pretty intimidating.
But don’t get overwhelmed by the big number.
As pastor has told me multiple, there is only one way to eat and elephant, one bite at a time.

How do you do that in building a building.  Do it in phases.
Let’s start with re-enforcing the concrete: $5,000
And we should also look into fitting the doors and windows: $4,500
I’d say both of these are reasonable goals.
These two together total $9,500.

baby class | many of the upper class pupils
When I went back in July

On this #GivingTuesday, consider being an integral part of completing this building, by helping us complete this phase.

To support you can click here and find my name: Eason, Bethany – UGANDA
or here and find out different options.

Of course, feel free to contact me with any questions or if you want more details about the Hallelujah Project!

much love!


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