being thankful

You know when you are little and are asked what you want to be when you grow up?
My answers were not the most normal, and my list is rather short:
dolphin trainer

Did you notice that teacher isn’t on that list?
In fact being a teacher has never been a dream or a goal of mine.
But, when I felt like God asked me to go to Korea to teach English, okay.

Every day looks different and is a challenge, but the kids bring me so much joy.

i found it quite cute when the two pumpkins were talking to one another:)


with one of my classes walking a path during one of our picnics [field trips]


with my other class as we skip and sing our way back to the bus


Many people spent the previous month reflecting on things for which they are thankful.
I would say a big one for me is my kids at school.
Every day is different, but they make me smile, help me learn and grow, challenge me, and most of all, make doing what I am doing worth it!


much love!


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