delightful chickpeas

Little known fact about yours truly:
I really like hummus.
If I could, I would eat it everyday.

In fact, when I lived in the States, I did.
I truly enjoyed making my own hummus, experimenting with the flavor possibilities.
And eating some with carrots or snap peas, on a daily basis.

Since moving to Korea, I have had hummus twice.
But, that number grows after tonight.
I was able to make my own hummus!

home-made hummus in Korea
my spicy-lime hummus, freshly made


Recently, I inherited an immersion blender.
Combine the immersion blender with chickpeas I’ve been hoarding, and you get hummus.
So thankful this was able to happen.
Going to enjoy it while it lasts:)


much love!


3 thoughts on “delightful chickpeas

  1. Hi Bethany, It has been awhile since I replied to your wonderful posts. You have been very busy @ school and sneaking in travel every now and then.

    This past September I flew to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona to go thru intensive (6 days worth) testing to see if I was healthy enough & a perfect match to be a kidney donor for my brother. I was….praise God, and on November 10 we had our surgeries. What a fabulous venture it was. My surgery was only 1 1/2 hrs long, and Bobs was 3 hrs. As soon as they attached my kidney he began voiding urine…650 cc total in surgery! He was amazed…& said he hasn’t peed that much in over 30 yrs! My kidney is treating him well & he has named it “Jan 2”. The morning after surgery I was released and WALKED out of the hospital! He came home after 3 days and we shared a condo together (had to stay close to Mayo). My hubby and Naomi were our cooks, shoppers, and comforters. Bruce and I flew home 10 days later, arriving in Detroit Metro @ 10 PM, just a couple hours prior to a major snow storm that dumped a foot of snow. Two days later we went to church and I helped serve communion on my regular schedule. Blew everyone’s mind! It has been 9 weeks and I can say I am fully recovered. Not tired during the day, starting to walk distances…weather permitting, and unfortunately have gained back the 5 lbs I lost post op. It should disappear as walking increases.

    I really enjoy hearing from you and keep you in my prayers. I’m so proud of you for listening to God’s call to Korea and learning “another” new language. I know the children must love you. Stay healthy and keep eating that hummus 🙂

    Gods Blessings, Jan Pollock


  2. How fun to hear about your hummus makings. Enjoy it! Last time I was at Costco they had it so I’ve been enjoying it too. If we could get chickpeas here I would try making it. I hope you’re keeping warm. We’ve been dumped on with snow today. Miss you!

  3. That’s great you were able to pick up some hummus from Costco! It is such a delicious snack, in my opinion, at least:)
    I saw one of your pictures from all the snow, it looks beautiful, but crazy that much came at one time!

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