Back in 2013, this video was really popular in America.
Being in Uganda at the time, I had no idea.
But last year, a couple of my friends introduced it to me, in an effort to explain why foxes had become such a popular design on clothing, jewelry, bags, and home decor.


If you’ve never seen it, or it’s been a while, I think you should take a couple minutes and watch it now.  It’ll definitely help the rest of my story make sense:)

So Thursday, as I was teaching one of my Hollywood Kids classes (where we put on musicals); we were going over the Gingerbread Man story.  I would turn a page in the book and ask what happened.
As you read this conversation, try picturing me talking with a class of eight Korean 6 year olds.
Maybe this picture will help you remember how small and cute my kids are:

walking back to the bus on one of our field trips

Back to class…
“Oh, grandmother and grandfather wanted a child, then what did they say?”
Next Page.  “Who did the Gingerbread Man meet next?”
“A cow!”
“And what did the cow say?  “You look yummy or I want to be your friend?”
“Look yummy”
“Who did he meet after the cow?”
“A horse!”
“What did the horse say to him?”
“Eat you”
“And what animal did the Gingerbread Man meet next?”
“A chicken!”
“What did the chicken say?”
“You look yummy.”
“Who did he meet next, a goat or a fox?”
“A fox!”
“And what did the fox say?”
“What does the fox say. Ha-ti-ha-ti-ha-ti-ho! Ha-ti-ha-ti-ha-ti-ho! Jacha-chacha-chacha-chow!  What does the fox say?!”

As soon as I uttered the question, “What does the fox say?,” I thought of the song.  But it made my day when my students started sining it.
I don’t think it could have been better if the moment had been planned.

It’s those moments
Those moments get me through each day and every week.
My kids are so precious and make me smile.


much love!



One thought on “ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding

  1. This was really cute, Bethany. You have such clever ideas to make learning fun for the kids. Technology today makes it so much easier than when I taught back in the “stone age”…70’s – 95! Even being in Korea you can be creative & connect with those precious children. Praises out to you. 🙂

    I am still amazed @ living with one kidney and the awesome process of the surgeries. God knew we would abuse our bodies and that diabetes would ruin multitudes of peoples’ lives. So he gave us two when we only need one to live a healthy life. Blows my mind. I have gained about 5 lbs post op…. I blame it on the cold MI weather, not being able to walk outside on icy roads or trails, and just over eating. I need to get it off because I have my 4 month post op labs coming up the beginning of March. I can do it! Just need to move more. Other than that, I feel great. My energy level is back and I have no side effects. My brother continues to do well. He has labs every two weeks now & sometime in Feb he goes for a needle biopsy of my kidney to check for rejection. I have been praying all along that he won’t reject. I don’t want him to go on dialysis.

    Will you be staying in Korea after the school year ends or will you travel home to see family for awhile? I don’t know how long your break between sessions is. Take care of yourself. I love hearing from you…you always make me smile.

    Blessings to you, Jan


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