earthquakes and hanbok

I’m not sure if it made world news, but we had a couple of earthquakes here Monday night.
The epicenter was in a different city, about 15 miles from ours.
map with the earthquakes

The first happened while we were in a store, shopping.
The second, was while we were walking home.It was the first time for Sam to experience an earthquake, and he experienced the biggest earthquake recorded in South Korea.

Don’t worry, we are fine.
In our house, only a small container fell off of the shelf it had been on.I want to have a smooth transition here, but honestly, I can’t think of anyhting creative to say:)
So, I will just start telling you the we had a big event at my school today.
Actually, many schools had a special event today.

This Thursday is Chuseok, or Korean Thanksgiving (I wrote a bit about it here).  We have a three day holiday, starting tomorrow.  Thus today was a big Chuseok party for our kindergarten kids.I had to go to school early today, in order to go on one of the vans to pick kids.

Of course, I had to wear traditional Korean clothes, a hanbokimg_0324with two of the other foreign teachers


The kids were adorable in their hanbok as they played traditional games and did other Chuseok activities.img_0338discussing the deep, philosophical things of a seven year old life


img_0326I was in charge of the hopscotch 


We don’t get very many breaks from school here, so I am excited for this five day weekend!


much love!


2 thoughts on “earthquakes and hanbok

  1. Hi Bethany, WOW! An earthquake! So glad you are safe…God is good indeed 🙂

    Ok, this email answers my question as to where you are living…wasn’t sure if you left Korea and your cute kiddos and settled in Africa. How is Sam adjusting to new environment, new foods & and new language? He is definitely a gem of a guy…lucky you! Has he found work too?

    Bruce & I are heading to Traverse City area tomorrow morning…a camping trip for 5 days. Meeting up with best friends who moved to their cottage on Torch Lake. The Red Wings hockey team is having fall try-outs and will be playing exhibition games this weekend. We are hoping to get tickets for a couple scrimmage games. We have packed winter jackets. The leaves are changing and night air is getting chilly…up north it will be cold!

    So glad you and Sam are doing well adjusting to married life. Any plans for your parents to visit Korea yet? Will continue to keep you and Sam in our prayers. God’s blessings to you, Jan


    • Thank you, Janet, for your prayers and your comment.
      I truly enjoy hearing from you!
      Sam has been adjusting well to this place. Some things have been challenging, but he faces them and it is such a good experience for him, no matter how hard:)

      How was your trip to Traverse City? I’m sure the colors were beautiful. That is something I miss being here. Being in the middle of a city and not getting to see much nature, especially the fall trees.

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