earthquake drills

There are rumors around here of a big earthquake.
The rumors started spreading after the earthquakes we had a couple of weeks ago.
People were saying that we were going to have a big one this past Thursday or Friday.
Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

But, recently with the shifting of Earth plates and what not, Korea is no longer safe from them.  It has moved into the “ring of fire.”
The shift has put Korea in a place where if a big one happens in Japan, we will feel it here. (Sorry my geological lingo isn’t the best:)

We have practiced earthquake drills at school.  Teachers have specific roles/duties for each announcement and the kids are learning what they need to do.

some of the students doing what they do best, being kids


All that to say, we are safe, but please keep us and this place in your prayers.


much love!


4 thoughts on “earthquake drills

  1. Hi Bethany, WOW! We will keep you, your school & especially those precious children in our prayers…and all of Korea. What a scary thing to go thru. I can’t even imagine it. But then that is why we have a mighty God on our side. I will let all @ Bible Study & our prayers warriors @ church know the situation. Keep your beautiful smile and enthusiasm for those kiddos. They rely on adult stability.

    You have probably heard from your parents & friends in MI that we have had monsoon rains this past week that went on & on. Still cloudy & drippy, but the big storms, I hope, are over. Only good thing about it is that the trees have finally started to change into beautiful colors.

    Jan >

    • Thank you for your prayers and for passing on the request!
      We have been safe, so that’s good.

      I actually hadn’t heard about the monsoon rains.
      Was there any effect on the weather in MI from hurricane Matthew?
      I miss the beautiful fall colors. Even though there are seasons here, there are not many trees around me, so it doesn’t fully feel like fall:)

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