sometimes three pairs of socks isn’t enough

When I was little, I loved snow.  Not only was it fun, but it was beautiful.
I never really enjoyed driving in it, but the beauty made up for that.
There was even a time I would have said winter was my favorite season.

The past few years though, have been quite different.
Now, I don’t look forward to cold or snow.
I look outside in the morning, not with anticipation, but with dread, that there will be snow.

Although, this year, there is a tiny part of me that wants snow.
I want my Ugandan husband to see snow for the first time!

Coming to Korea, he has experienced many new things, including the weather.
He has now become a professional layerer; including his socks and scarves.

bundled up for outings in the snow


It’s been fun for me to experience season changes, for the first time, with him.
He loves the fall leaves as much as I do.

of course we took a leaf picture:)
although the colors aren’t quite as good here as in America


He also was able to experience American[ish] Thanksgiving for the first time.
The children’s English class we help with on Sunday mornings, at the church, had a Thanksgiving meal the Sunday after.  I was excited for macaroni and cheese (it’d been a long time since I had had cheese).  He really enjoyed the stuffing.

at the Thanksgiving meal


As we are well into the holiday season this year, we hope you are able to take time and reflect on some of the things you are thankful for this year.
Also, that you can enjoy time with friends and family.


much love!


One thought on “sometimes three pairs of socks isn’t enough

  1. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! You have probably heard from now that MI did not have a very white Christmas. Bummer! But it was good for traveling. For the first time we celebrated in Byron Center @ our oldest son’s home. It seemed weird not having a full house of grandkids, the wrapping paper all over the room, cooking and laughing together. However, it was nice not having the cooking detail! As always it was fun to get everyone all together. The grandchildren are 8, 10 & 15 years old now, so out of the little kid toy stage. The two oldest are in band and Celia takes guitar lessons. All three are into snowboarding, so are praying for snow and cold.

    Your husband needs a trip to the mountains to see and feel the snow 🙂 He looks pretty bundled up in the pictures. Funny! Oh, almost forgot…My brother, Bob & I are both doing great one year post Kidney transplant. He has so much more energy and has lost weight he needed to take off. We are forever grateful for God’s love and healing.

    May God continue to bless you both with love and good health. Jan


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