i’m a mom

Have I ever told you about Sam and my family?
Well, a year ago, when I said, “I do” and became a wife, I also became a mother.

visiting with kids the day after our wedding, before they went back to school
(not all of the are our kids:)


For those who have known me for a number of years, you’re probably thinking, “I thought she didn’t want kids.”
You would be correct, I didn’t.  But, over the last few years, God has gradually changed my heart and made me love kids in a way I never did before.

How many kids do we have?  Currently, we have 7.  Although, I’m sure that number will continue to grow over time.
Continue to grow?  Simply put, Sam and I both have a heart for kids.  When we hear a child’s story, the hardships and the pain they are in, our hearts break.  We both want to be able to give them hope and fill them with love.
Although we created CITY to help kids, we also feel pulled to certain children and want them to be a part of our own family.

Sam with some of our kids on their first day of the school year


Who are our kids?  We have two boys and five girls.  Their backgrounds are varied: some have lost one or more parents, a couple have been diagnosed HIV+, some have a parent who is not able to feed them or pay school fees; but all of them deserve the opportunity to go to school and be a part of a loving family.

These children are incredibly precious to Sam and me.  When we talk about our future or anything we want to do, our kids are definitely part of our decisions and plans.


much love!



One thought on “i’m a mom

  1. Hello Bethany & Sam…and all the kids 🙂

    What a wonderful couple of e-mails from you. Can’t say it surprises me to hear of your children. I know you have a mothers’ heart, or you wouldn’t be teaching. So now you need a few more boys to even things out! God has blessed you over and over. Your parents must be in awe and proud of you and Sam. An independent woman follows her heart and you definitely have a heart for God and following his commands. Good for you. We keep praying that you will be led to the perfect land for your school. All in God’s time, not ours. Teaches us patience & perseverance. So since Sam & your kids are not in Korea, will you be leaving this summer to go back to Uganda? I’d love to see you all together…thats my mother thing coming out.

    Praying for you, Jan 🙂


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