I ate chocolate today…

…and I didn’t die:)

Maybe I should let you in on some Bethany Trivia: I don’t like chocolate and haven’t liked it for over half of my life.
I haven’t eaten it for a few years (as far as I remember).

Well today, one of my students sweetly shared a mini, dark-chocolate cube with me.  I politely took it, thanked her, then set it on my desk – to be enjoyed later, of course.

The lesson continued and she raised her hand, “Can I stand up?”
“Yes.”  (Assuming she wanted to throw something away).

my classroom

She walked around to the side of my desk, picked up the chocolate, and again handed it to me, while saying, “Teacher, eat!”

She got me.  My dad would be so impressed by her.
I felt like I had no choice but to eat this detestable sweet.
So I did; all the while trying to keep a straight face and fake enjoyment.

chillin’ in my classroom, pre-chocolate:)


much love!



4 thoughts on “I ate chocolate today…

  1. TOO FUNNY!!! Wish I’d been there to snap a picture of you eating it…did the kids giggle? Nice classroom. Is this still in Korea? It’s a different set up from other classes you have posted. Pray all is well with you and family. Are you moving back home(Africa) at the end of the school yr? God bless you, Jan


    • The kids always enjoy when I eat the snacks or candies they give me:)
      Yes, this is still in Korea. I have changed schools, so I actually have my own classroom! We plan to move to Uganda after finishing here – it’s all in God’s hands

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