11 weeks

Tuesday night, our baby girl turned 11 weeks old.
On one hand, that seems so small; on the other, a lot can happen in that amount of time.

Madison has grown; not only in size, but also in what she does.
She still does not like to sleep very much. She smiles, laughs, “talks,” and even can hold her head up when on her tummy. Her greatest talent may be how well she can take medicine from a spoon!

eating, one of her favorite activities


getting ready for the big fight


The kids finished the first term of the school year, had their holiday (between-term vacation), and have started the second term. During the holiday, they each had a holiday packet of worksheets to complete before returning to school. They also had chores around the house and taking care of the animals. Some of the boys even helped with the brick making for a few days.

after immunizing the baby chicks


Well, for me, these 11 weeks have been very eventful, and uneventful, at the same time. After Madison was born, life around the house and how I spend my time changed.  Madison has been a gigantic part of my day and night; especially as she has been in a huge, “I love mommy” phase for a few weeks now.

About six weeks ago, I had emergency surgery to remove/drain an abscess.  The recovery was supposed to take about a week, but ended up taking over four weeks.

Some other happenings in the past 11 weeks:
We bought a truck.  This is mostly used for hauling produce from a village to sell elsewhere.  The truck has made a number of trips to the village.  One time though, it tipped over and was out of commission for almost three weeks, as it was being fixed.

the day it came “home”

As for the CITY land, we had some troubles (blog with more info coming soon:)
During these 11 weeks, we regained access to the land and have come closer to paying it off.

I have been learning how to use my time, as best as I can with a newborn who does not like to sleep.  Hopefully, this means I will be able to keep you better updated with what is going on here and with CITY!


much love

One additional thing: as of yesterday, we have running water!  I was able to take my first shower and flush the toilet in the bathroom!



1 thought on “11 weeks

  1. Oh my goodness, she is absolutely beautiful & adorable! Babies grow way too fast, so enjoy these times with her. Give her kisses from me 🙂

    God has certainly bless you both! Jan 🙂


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