WARNING: I’m about to share my deepest, darkest secret

Well, it might not be my deepest, darkest secret, but it is something I don’t really like to talk about with others.

Leaving Korea was something Sam and I both felt it was time to do; although, we have not had a consistent, paying job since then.  There are a couple people driving bodas (small motorcycles used by people like taxis) who give us money every week.  We have gotten the truck to buy and sell produce, but with the accident, we have not started to make money yet.

I’m going to give you a breakdown of how we spend money on a monthly basis.
As you’re reading these numbers, keep in mind that our current monthly commitment for donations we receive is around $800.

Sending 11 kids to school is not cheap.  Between their school fees, uniforms, shoes, and school supplies, it is roughly $500 a month.

Utilities are about $170 a month.

We buy some things in bulk, including rice, maize flour, wheat flour, sugar, oil, beans, laundry soap, and charcoal.  These are about $300 every month to month and a half.

Can you imagine hand-washing this much laundry every week?


The produce, seasonings, and other sauce components used in daily cooking are roughly $95 for the month.

There are miscellaneous expenses such as car repairs, house repairs, and medical bills for the kids.  Monthly, these expenses can be upwards of $500.

We have been developing our land here at the house, as this is the starting place of CITY.  One goal for CITY is to eventually be self-sustaining.  That has to start somewhere, right?!
Well, as the number of people and animals has gotten bigger, our compound can’t handle it as well.  We have been building a new place for some of the boys the animals to stay.

the other part of our land with a small garden, pig pen, and the house in progress


When God called us to start CITY, we knew it would not be easy.  We knew we would have to take big steps in faith, trusting God to provide the resources.
As it goes with starting many things, it takes a lot of resources, mostly money, up front to get things running.  In some ways, it seems like we are slowly starting CITY: working on paying off the land and planning for the school.  In reality though, it hasn’t been a slow start, as we have a busy compound and over 10 kids living with us already.

the girls (two are away in boarding)


the boys (one more not pictured)


If you noticed the numbers, we need to spend more a month than what has been committed.  God has been incredibly faithful in making ends meet each month.
Would you like to be a part of what we are doing, providing hope to the next generation?
Click HERE to learn how you can support us financially.

Webale nnyo (thank you very much) for joining us on this journey!


If you have any questions or want more details, please feel free to contact me.


much love!


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