back in Uganda

I want to start by apologizing for not updating you for almost a month now. It’s definitely not because of a lack of stories; rather we don’t have internet at the house yet and there really isn’t much access to WiFi where we stay.

Being back in Uganda and with Sam again, has been nice. There is a lot of adjusting and transitioning going on.

Yesterday, I was finally able to see the land for CITY. I am excited to see how God is going to use that place.


with Sam on the land



the land:)


Thank you to everyone who has already helped us in the purchasing of this land. We are still seeking more money to complete the purchase.

(Click on the “support us” tab for more info on how to give financially)

This post is a bit short, but please understand I will post more and give more complete updates when we finally get internet!


much love!


finding land

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!
It is so nice to be with family and eating turkey for the first time in a few years.

What is Sam looking for as he searches for land to build our school?
-close to town
-easy to expand in the future

Well, this week, Sam has found land that fits that description, and more!
We are able to get the land title, which means we will have full ownership of the land!

It is two acres.  Not only is it a good price; we can make a downpayment, then make payments to finish.
Sam has already put a commitment payment in, saying that we will be making a bigger payment by next week.




We are so excited by this!
We need your help, though.

The land is 90,000,000 shillings, which is about $25,000.
The money we have raised through CITY is about 50,000,000 shillings (about $13,700).

In order to make the downpayment, so we don’t lose the land, we have had to dip into our personal account.
To finish purchasing the land, we need about $11,000 (which is 50,000,000 shillings).

I know around the holidays, money can be tight; but we ask you to please join us on this exciting journey of starting our school.
To make a tax-deductible donation, please click here.


much love!

i made it

Before, I had mentioned that me getting this job and preparing to go to Korea was a whirlwind.  Well, leaving America was no different!

I had been waiting for my visa, in order for a ticket to be purchased so I could leave for Korea. Tuesday afternoon, my passport with my Korean visa was back in my possession.  That night, my ticket was purchased for Thursday afternoon.
Wednesday, I finished packing, while it kind of sunk-in that I was flying half way across the world the next day.
Thursday morning, one of my friends took me to the airport, then I spent the next 24 hours or so traveling to my new home in Daegu.

waiting for my bus to Daegu at the Incheon airport Friday night


image3on the bus – yes, I need sleep!


image2and when you need sleep, sometimes the fisheye camera and funny faces come out:)


Saturday, we had orientation, all day.  I thought it was going to be orientation for the teachers, turns out it was orientation for the parents about this upcoming school year.  In the morning it was parents who have been with the school before; after lunch we had the same program all over again for parents new to the school.

I might still feel a little lost and like I have no idea what is going on, but slowly by slowly that feeling is dissipating.

It has been good to meet my fellow teachers and to get a little bit better understanding of what the school is like.  Also, to unpack and make this room feel a little bit like home.

my room


image5the view from my room


much love!


back home…

…or at least to my Ugandan home:)

This is going to be short, but I wanted to let everyone know that I have made it back to Mukono, Uganda safely.
I don’t have much internet while I am here, but I will post pictures and updates when I can.

Before I go, let me tell you, it feels good to be back here, even though I know this visit will be brief.
the smiles
the warm welcomes
the hugs
it has been great and brought so much joy to my heart.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to be here; to see my friends and family, to talk about life, and to see what God has been doing here.


much love!

singing on a plane


I happen to like flying.
The whole experience, from people watching at the airports to flying itself – starting in one location and landing somewhere different.

But for some people, flying is not enjoyable.
Security lines in airports, the cramped quarters of planes, crying babies and many other things can make travel by air not so great.

But can you imagine being on a flight with the cast of a Broadway musical?
What if they started singing?


I wouldn’t mind if this ever happened while I am flying somewhere:)

much love!

happy Thanksgiving!

Thought I would share this gem from when I was little…

with two of my cousins and my sister, circa 1992
Jenna, Emily, me, and Denae

I’ve spent many a Thanksgiving with those three:)

Before I wrap this up, I thought I would jot a quick list of things I am thankful for / make me happy this week:
-joking with Aggie as we work at the house for the conference
-being asked to help during the conference
-mail arriving from America
-face-timing with friends
-fresh cucumbers
-Joshua’s laughter as he chases after a chicken with a branch
-one of my fingers healing from infection
-Moses carrying a big stick (to beat people) as he walked me to the taxi last night
-having the opportunity to cook this week
-consistently having water the past couple of weeks

I hope everyone has a great day today!
Happy Thanksgiving!

much love

don’t worry mom, i’m safe

It started with a great conversation,
which gave us hope that this was going to be a quick and easy process.

Going into Kampala and visiting Immigration became a routine for Pastor and I over the past few weeks.
So, not quite the speedy process I was imagining at the beginning.

But, today, this is back in my procession:

my passport


And in my passport is a new stamp.
This new stamp is my visa allowing me to stay in the country for another three months!

it’s official!


Thank you to everyone who was praying for my visa to go through.

much love!