happy Thanksgiving!

Thought I would share this gem from when I was little…

with two of my cousins and my sister, circa 1992
Jenna, Emily, me, and Denae

I’ve spent many a Thanksgiving with those three:)

Before I wrap this up, I thought I would jot a quick list of things I am thankful for / make me happy this week:
-joking with Aggie as we work at the house for the conference
-being asked to help during the conference
-mail arriving from America
-face-timing with friends
-fresh cucumbers
-Joshua’s laughter as he chases after a chicken with a branch
-one of my fingers healing from infection
-Moses carrying a big stick (to beat people) as he walked me to the taxi last night
-having the opportunity to cook this week
-consistently having water the past couple of weeks

I hope everyone has a great day today!
Happy Thanksgiving!

much love


i’m a mom!

Sometimes life looks different than we ever thought it would.
When I was little, I never dreamed, imagined, or thought about living in Africa.
But, now I do.

Now that I live in Uganda,
there are things within my daily life that I would have never imagined before.
But now, these things have become normal.

view from my bedroom window…momma and her chicks, garbage pile, sugar cane, maize, pig pen, and so much more:)


When I am I sitting in the office at school and a parent comes in, many times the office assistant informs them that I know Luganda, so I can “impress” the parent with my skills (or lack there of).  Today that even included one mom grabbing my butt, and a couple other places, to see if I knew ALL of the body parts in Luganda.  I can’t fathom a parent touching me in America, but here, it didn’t surprise me at all.

some of my many Luganda notes from my lessons


SInce being here, I’ve basically become a mom, to many children.  Almost every night, I help with homework here at the house.  Today was basically parent-teacher conferences; I was a stand-in parent for one of the kids I live with.  Just here at the house, I have helped to sew clothes for the kids, break up fights, and fix wounds.  I didn’t move to Africa expecting to be a mom, but that’s become a part of my life.

progress report from the school


Some other randoms that have become normal to my life here:
-Having 3 cockroaches scramble when I open the bathroom door
-Wiping the nose of a snotty 3 year old as she is sleeping on my lap
-Not seeing any other white person for over one month [but Chandler came back this week!]
-When people greet you with a hug, their hand tends to lingers on your stomach or butt for much longer than “normal” in American standards
-Chasing chickens out of the kitchen is a regular occurrence
-Having conversations with adults, while kids are jumping on or pulling at me and whispering in my ears (in Luganda and English)
-People of all ages (and both genders) being fascinated with and wanting to brush my hair

Photo on 2-2-13 at 5.40 PM #2
having fun with Joet

It’s ok that life is different than expected.
In fact that can be a good thing.
I may not have thought about being in Africa when I was little,
but I can’t imagine not being in Mukono at this time.
much love!