WARNING: I’m about to share my deepest, darkest secret

Well, it might not be my deepest, darkest secret, but it is something I don’t really like to talk about with others.

Leaving Korea was something Sam and I both felt it was time to do; although, we have not had a consistent, paying job since then.  There are a couple people driving bodas (small motorcycles used by people like taxis) who give us money every week.  We have gotten the truck to buy and sell produce, but with the accident, we have not started to make money yet.

I’m going to give you a breakdown of how we spend money on a monthly basis.
As you’re reading these numbers, keep in mind that our current monthly commitment for donations we receive is around $800.

Sending 11 kids to school is not cheap.  Between their school fees, uniforms, shoes, and school supplies, it is roughly $500 a month.

Utilities are about $170 a month.

We buy some things in bulk, including rice, maize flour, wheat flour, sugar, oil, beans, laundry soap, and charcoal.  These are about $300 every month to month and a half.

Can you imagine hand-washing this much laundry every week?


The produce, seasonings, and other sauce components used in daily cooking are roughly $95 for the month.

There are miscellaneous expenses such as car repairs, house repairs, and medical bills for the kids.  Monthly, these expenses can be upwards of $500.

We have been developing our land here at the house, as this is the starting place of CITY.  One goal for CITY is to eventually be self-sustaining.  That has to start somewhere, right?!
Well, as the number of people and animals has gotten bigger, our compound can’t handle it as well.  We have been building a new place for some of the boys the animals to stay.

the other part of our land with a small garden, pig pen, and the house in progress


When God called us to start CITY, we knew it would not be easy.  We knew we would have to take big steps in faith, trusting God to provide the resources.
As it goes with starting many things, it takes a lot of resources, mostly money, up front to get things running.  In some ways, it seems like we are slowly starting CITY: working on paying off the land and planning for the school.  In reality though, it hasn’t been a slow start, as we have a busy compound and over 10 kids living with us already.

the girls (two are away in boarding)


the boys (one more not pictured)


If you noticed the numbers, we need to spend more a month than what has been committed.  God has been incredibly faithful in making ends meet each month.
Would you like to be a part of what we are doing, providing hope to the next generation?
Click HERE to learn how you can support us financially.

Webale nnyo (thank you very much) for joining us on this journey!


If you have any questions or want more details, please feel free to contact me.


much love!


land update

Thank you so much to all who have given financially and to those who have been praying.  It’s exciting to see God move: finding the land and for money to start coming in so we can finish purchasing it.

taken while visiting the land


Throughout November and December, CITY received about $5,675
We will be putting all this towards the remaining balance of what we owe for the land.

Please, if you would like to help us finish paying off the balance, we would be grateful.
Here, you can find out how to send money.

Happy New Year, 2018!
May 2018 be a great year for all of us!


much love!

finding land

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!
It is so nice to be with family and eating turkey for the first time in a few years.

What is Sam looking for as he searches for land to build our school?
-close to town
-easy to expand in the future

Well, this week, Sam has found land that fits that description, and more!
We are able to get the land title, which means we will have full ownership of the land!

It is two acres.  Not only is it a good price; we can make a downpayment, then make payments to finish.
Sam has already put a commitment payment in, saying that we will be making a bigger payment by next week.




We are so excited by this!
We need your help, though.

The land is 90,000,000 shillings, which is about $25,000.
The money we have raised through CITY is about 50,000,000 shillings (about $13,700).

In order to make the downpayment, so we don’t lose the land, we have had to dip into our personal account.
To finish purchasing the land, we need about $11,000 (which is 50,000,000 shillings).

I know around the holidays, money can be tight; but we ask you to please join us on this exciting journey of starting our school.
To make a tax-deductible donation, please click here.


much love!

the latest on the land

This past month has held some ups and downs.  But, as January is coming to a close, it’s better to focus on the good and stay hopeful for what is to come.

Sam has been back in Uganda for over a month now.  Although it has not been easy having him so far away, I know that it is a really good thing he is there.  Many things have gotten done that wouldn’t have, otherwise.

Previously, I talked about Sam searching for land (you can read that blog here).  Well, Sam had found 4 acres.  This is double the amount of land he had been seeing, and it was half the price!

Unfortunately, when he went for negotiations with the owner, the situation changed.  The owner was now selling less than 1 acre, and it cost over four times the previous amount.

So, we have left that place and Sam has continued to diligently search for a good location for our school.
We have been so encouraged by those who have financially given to CITY, in order for us to purchase land when we find it.

Please, if you haven’t done so yet, consider partnering with us through a tax-deductible donation to CITY or telling people you know about what we are doing.
It brings us so much joy to see people coming together to support our ministry and the people we serve in Mukono, Uganda.


much love!


land, land, and more land

As much as I want to be in Uganda and helping Sam with the starting steps of our school; I feel like I wouldn’t be of much help.  Let me try to explain.

Sam has been looking at various properties.  It doesn’t sound like the most exciting part of this process to me.  I’m not sure I would be able to look at different places, some of them seemingly very similar, and be able to make a good judgment about how it would be for our school.  Thus, I am very thankful for the effort and work Sam has been putting into this.

one of the properties


another one
similar, right?


First, he has been asking around and trying to find out about different locations for sale.
Then, he has to track it down.  There aren’t really addresses, and not all the roads have names.
There are times he has spent the better part of a day, unsuccessfully, looking for land he heard about.
But, there are really encouraging times as well.  Seeing good property, in a good location, for a decent price.

it would be so great to get this place or one like it:)


So as we mull over the places found and still search out more, please consider helping us be able to purchase the land.
Our target amount, to purchase land, is $28,000.

Click HERE to donate and be a part of our school and the lives of whom we will reach.


much love!


(If you ever have any questions, please feel free to let me know,  I would love to give you more information:)

new year. new project.

New Year’s Eve, three years ago, I was celebrating the countdown in Germany, while my heart was in Uganda.

New Year’s Eve in Berlin


A few days ago, I was bringing in the New Year in South Korea, while my heart was in Uganda.
This year, my heart is even more so in Uganda than before, as my husband is there right now.

Sam on an outing with our family, the day after New Years


Why would my husband go to Uganda and leave me in Korea?
Great question.  So glad you asked:)
We have started a new ministry, called CITY; one of our first projects is starting a school.
CITY comes from the words, Christ’s Identity, which is an important part of all we do.

our logo


CITY’s first school will be a nursery and primary school; basically the equivalent of pre-school through middle school.  The name of the school will be Christ’s Identity Nursery and Primary School.
There is a lot that goes into starting a school, as you can imagine.  The first step we need to take is buying land, so we can start construction of the buildings.

Sam has been asking around and checking out different potential properties. We are hoping to get at least two acres.
So far, it looks like the cost will be around $28,000.
Although that might seem like a lot of money, I think it is reasonable for a decent amount of land and for it to be in a good location.

How will we raise all of that money?
If I am completely honest, I don’t know.
But I do know that God will provide; whether it is through you, or maybe even someone you know.

Please consider partnering with us to help build our school.
Also, if you have any connections or suggestions of someone we should reach out to, to help with this endeavor, please let me know.

All donations are tax-deductible!
We have partnered with an organization called The Cause.  Any money you would like to send to us / CITY, please do so through The Cause.

Find out more information on how to give HERE.
You can click HERE to donate!

Thank you in advance for wanting to be part of what we are doing in Uganda.


much love!