land, land, and more land

As much as I want to be in Uganda and helping Sam with the starting steps of our school; I feel like I wouldn’t be of much help.  Let me try to explain.

Sam has been looking at various properties.  It doesn’t sound like the most exciting part of this process to me.  I’m not sure I would be able to look at different places, some of them seemingly very similar, and be able to make a good judgment about how it would be for our school.  Thus, I am very thankful for the effort and work Sam has been putting into this.

one of the properties


another one
similar, right?


First, he has been asking around and trying to find out about different locations for sale.
Then, he has to track it down.  There aren’t really addresses, and not all the roads have names.
There are times he has spent the better part of a day, unsuccessfully, looking for land he heard about.
But, there are really encouraging times as well.  Seeing good property, in a good location, for a decent price.

it would be so great to get this place or one like it:)


So as we mull over the places found and still search out more, please consider helping us be able to purchase the land.
Our target amount, to purchase land, is $28,000.

Click HERE to donate and be a part of our school and the lives of whom we will reach.


much love!


(If you ever have any questions, please feel free to let me know,  I would love to give you more information:)


i am a champion!

I know I’ve written about my school here many times.  But quite by mistake, I think there are a few details I’ve never explained.

So today, this blog is about schools here, and in particular, Champions Christian Primary School; one of the big reason I came back to Mukono, Uganda.

Mercy, from when I was on the race 

and Mercy, just a few months ago


Let me first briefly explain schools here.
The school year begins at the beginning of February and goes until late November / mid December.  There are three terms throughout the school year, with a holiday [break] between each term.

Students start in Nursery Section around 3 years old.  Nursery classes are Baby, Middle, and Top (like Pre-school and Kindergarten).  Nursery students graduate into Primary School, which goes from Primary One through Primary Seven (like Elementary and Middle school).  If students pass their P7 [Primary 7] exams, then they go to Secondary School, which is six years.  After Secondary, there is High School for two years, then University.

Many people do not complete Secondary school, but there are career options that don’t require that level of education; or they can get a certificate in a desired field without needing to complete Secondary school.  It is very different from America.

group of students from Champions


Most schools here you have to pay fees; the only schools you don’t have to pay fees to attend are the government schools and the quality of education at those schools tend to be not so good; so most parents try to send their kids to other schools.

The school I am with is a Christian school, but that does not make it elite or special, there are many Christian schools, Muslim schools, and non-religious schools; but in all schools here Religious Education as a subject is taught.  Actually at Champions, the fee is a little bit lower for the quality of education they are offering the students.

In addition to fees, parents also have requirements they have to bring to the school each term, such as sugar, brooms, toilet paper, a ream of paper, etc (these are used by the school throughout the term).

stack of books – students need to bring new books each term


Champions Christian Primary School was started during third term, I think 2009.  They started with 57 students and have now grown to around 300 students.

The school prides itself on providing a quality education while maintaining lower school fees than some of the other schools.  They also have a good work environment, and have a good teacher-retention rate.

The school’s motto of “raising the total man” is more than just a motto.  This school really does want to see these students succeed and to go far.  There is love and acceptance, and just a different environment at this school that isn’t at all schools here.  There is such a difference at Champions that our Christian school has Muslims and children of witch doctors in attendance.

photo copy 6
school emblem or badge


I’ve said at different times that I am helping at Champions while I am here in Uganda; I am not paid for this, well maybe in high-fives and hugs:)  But, I am so thankful for this opportunity, to be back here, seeing all of the growth and the changes that are taking place at this school; to learn more about how things work here.  To be a part of this community.

the other day I was even a Champions student:)


This video is not the best quality, but, it is the choir singing our school song; I thought you might enjoy hearing that!



much love!

my heart and books [pt. 2]

[If you missed part 1, you can read it here.]

Through being with the kids, observing classes, visiting schools, and having conversations with Pastor and the head teacher, Chandler and I have felt lead to start a reading room for Champions Christian Primary School.

Mukono, Uganda.November 2012

library at the school – where we got our idea


Currently, the students at the school have NO books.  Only teachers have books.  Students learn by copying whatever is written on the chalkboard into their notebooks.  To practice reading, they are told to read the Bible (not too thrilling for a 2nd grader).  In order for these students to practice English, reading, and to learn about various other topics, a library of books would definitely benefit these students.

Our plan is to have a building built, with book-cases, reading tables, and chairs; and to fill it with books and reading materials.  At this time, we don’t have all of the details figured out, but I can use your help!

Mukono, Uganda.November 2012

books, books and more books

This is how you can help:
-Pray for this project
-Contribute monetarily
        –We are starting from the scratch with the building and everything in it
        -More information to come about costs and such
-Books [see list below]
        -Please start looking around and talking to people about books
        -They should be in good condition
        -If you know of any groups, churches or individuals that are planning a trip to Uganda, please let me know.  We need people to check extra luggage, filled with books, in order to get the books over here (shipping to here is very expensive).

Chandler and I are looking for a variety of books:
– Fiction and non-fiction books for pre-school to eight grade reading levels
– Picture books, with few words, for younger students
– Health, science, animal, nature or space-type books to help students learn
– Classroom charts: like the human body, the water cycle, plants

much love!

If you have any questions or are interested in contributing to this project in any way, please let me know [].  As more of the details are worked out, and as things progress, I will be giving updates about this project:)