morning views

Life has been changing over the past few months.  I’ll make sure to fill you in on some of the details:)
For now, I wanted to let you know, we are doing well, living life and spending time with friends here in Korea.

One thing that has been nice, the past few weeks, I have been walking around a lake in the morning.  Not only it is nice to walk in cooler temperatures, but it is so great to have a lake backdropped by mountains.

yes, I am a morning person:)


the lake is really beautiful


even with the construction and buildings.


I know this blog isn’t full of juicy information, but it does a hold a promise:
I will be writing more, much more, soon.
Be on the lookout!


Much love!



In case you didn’t know…

It is finally Spring!

The long (or actually short), frigid days of winter are gone.  The grey skies, late sunrises and early sunsets have been exchanged for warmer temps, more hours of sunlight, and green grass.

I have enjoyed seeing the trees and grass come back to life the past couple of weeks.
For me, one of the best parts was seeing the cherry blossoms.  They are beautiful.

cherry blossoms down the street


The other weekend, Sam took me to the mountain.  We were hoping to see cherry blossoms.  That didn’t quite pan out, but it was beautiful.  Also, Sam can no longer say he has never been to a mountain!

Sam in the trees as we trekked part-way up the mountain


enjoying nature together


My walks to school are rather pleasant.  I am not looking forward to the fast approaching humidity of summer.  So for now, I will just enjoy this nice weather and beautiful nature God has created.

walking to school this week


much love!


life. not the cereal.

Sometimes life is rough.
I’m not saying that as a “woe is me” type of statement; I’m just stating that as fact.

As much as we might want things to be rainbows and unicorns all the time, they aren’t.
But, that’s ok.

Through those times that aren’t the best, we can learn, we can grow, we have the potential to change, for our eyes to be opened to things around us.
But we have to be willing.

Today I was not really feeling like myself.  Different things were eating at me and bothering me.
But then I remembered I have so much to be thankful for.  Why dwell on negative thoughts and let my attention dwell there?


Here are some of the things I am thankful for right now:

-Having the opportunity to live life here and being accepted in such a great community
-Being able to see and be a part of all of the changes at Champions Christian Primary School
-The beautiful nature I am surrounded by here.  It never ceases to amaze me.

not the best sunset pic – but is that the view out your window?


-Friends and family in America who are willing to adjust their schedules or stay up really late to talk with me
-Sisters who give me photo books to capture memories of the WorldRace
-Going into Kenya last Friday; definitely a good but different trip than expected.

view out the window along the way


-I really enjoy the food here, which is good since I eat it every day:)
-Being able to cook on a stove-top twice now
-Feeling needed when people had no idea how to start said stove-top

my “kitchen” one afternoon


-My walk to school and having that time to pray or collect my thoughts
-The people I live with; showing me love and caring for me like I am a part of their own family
-This little girl who calls me, “Teacher Bechin.”  And tends to be my joyful-shadow.

Lytone hanging out with me in the school office one day

-When music starts, so does dancing – thus I just took a break from typing to join a mini dance party in the family room
-As I walk places, I know people and they know me by name, I’m not always just, “hey mzungu [white person]”


My list is not done, but for this blog it is:)
When life is getting you down, try to stop it.
What’s on your thankful list?


much love!