singing on a plane


I happen to like flying.
The whole experience, from people watching at the airports to flying itself – starting in one location and landing somewhere different.

But for some people, flying is not enjoyable.
Security lines in airports, the cramped quarters of planes, crying babies and many other things can make travel by air not so great.

But can you imagine being on a flight with the cast of a Broadway musical?
What if they started singing?


I wouldn’t mind if this ever happened while I am flying somewhere:)

much love!


to Emily Marie…

Yep, I bet this is your face right now:

Not the first, or only, time I’ve gotten that look:)


Yesterday, March 12th, was my sister’s birthday!

Most people would post this blog on a person’s actual birthday.
But, I’m not most people, and/or, sometimes the best of plans have hitches; like living in a country where the internet is not the most reliable.
So you just have to roll with it and make do…

BE5 and Em3
oh so long ago


BE7 and Em5
big smiles in our matchy-matchy pink clothes


then we learned smiling is over-rated


[little Ugandan children can tell which one is Emily and which one is me in each photo, can you?]


and a special video made with a great deal of laughter and love:


Happy birthday seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesterrrrrr!


much love!