In case you didn’t know…

It is finally Spring!

The long (or actually short), frigid days of winter are gone.  The grey skies, late sunrises and early sunsets have been exchanged for warmer temps, more hours of sunlight, and green grass.

I have enjoyed seeing the trees and grass come back to life the past couple of weeks.
For me, one of the best parts was seeing the cherry blossoms.  They are beautiful.

cherry blossoms down the street


The other weekend, Sam took me to the mountain.  We were hoping to see cherry blossoms.  That didn’t quite pan out, but it was beautiful.  Also, Sam can no longer say he has never been to a mountain!

Sam in the trees as we trekked part-way up the mountain


enjoying nature together


My walks to school are rather pleasant.  I am not looking forward to the fast approaching humidity of summer.  So for now, I will just enjoy this nice weather and beautiful nature God has created.

walking to school this week


much love!



I ate chocolate today…

…and I didn’t die:)

Maybe I should let you in on some Bethany Trivia: I don’t like chocolate and haven’t liked it for over half of my life.
I haven’t eaten it for a few years (as far as I remember).

Well today, one of my students sweetly shared a mini, dark-chocolate cube with me.  I politely took it, thanked her, then set it on my desk – to be enjoyed later, of course.

The lesson continued and she raised her hand, “Can I stand up?”
“Yes.”  (Assuming she wanted to throw something away).

my classroom

She walked around to the side of my desk, picked up the chocolate, and again handed it to me, while saying, “Teacher, eat!”

She got me.  My dad would be so impressed by her.
I felt like I had no choice but to eat this detestable sweet.
So I did; all the while trying to keep a straight face and fake enjoyment.

chillin’ in my classroom, pre-chocolate:)


much love!



Back in 2013, this video was really popular in America.
Being in Uganda at the time, I had no idea.
But last year, a couple of my friends introduced it to me, in an effort to explain why foxes had become such a popular design on clothing, jewelry, bags, and home decor.


If you’ve never seen it, or it’s been a while, I think you should take a couple minutes and watch it now.  It’ll definitely help the rest of my story make sense:)

So Thursday, as I was teaching one of my Hollywood Kids classes (where we put on musicals); we were going over the Gingerbread Man story.  I would turn a page in the book and ask what happened.
As you read this conversation, try picturing me talking with a class of eight Korean 6 year olds.
Maybe this picture will help you remember how small and cute my kids are:

walking back to the bus on one of our field trips

Back to class…
“Oh, grandmother and grandfather wanted a child, then what did they say?”
Next Page.  “Who did the Gingerbread Man meet next?”
“A cow!”
“And what did the cow say?  “You look yummy or I want to be your friend?”
“Look yummy”
“Who did he meet after the cow?”
“A horse!”
“What did the horse say to him?”
“Eat you”
“And what animal did the Gingerbread Man meet next?”
“A chicken!”
“What did the chicken say?”
“You look yummy.”
“Who did he meet next, a goat or a fox?”
“A fox!”
“And what did the fox say?”
“What does the fox say. Ha-ti-ha-ti-ha-ti-ho! Ha-ti-ha-ti-ha-ti-ho! Jacha-chacha-chacha-chow!  What does the fox say?!”

As soon as I uttered the question, “What does the fox say?,” I thought of the song.  But it made my day when my students started sining it.
I don’t think it could have been better if the moment had been planned.

It’s those moments
Those moments get me through each day and every week.
My kids are so precious and make me smile.


much love!


overdue for an update

Many days I think about writing a blog.
Then something happens and the blog gets put on the back burner.
What comes up?
Day to day that varies…
somedays it’s having extra work that needs to be done for school – like comments or plans
or maybe prepping for science project or an English Village day
sometimes it’s a friend asking me for dinner or coffee
other times it’s Korean class or needing to study my Korean
then there are the days when I am just too tired

For those of you that have been asking yourself (or even me:) things are going well.
Yes, I am adjusted.
In all honesty, I don’t really feel like there was a big time of adjustment for me.
When I came here, it was a new country, and I needed to learn what the food was like and get used to how life is done here.
Really, my adjustment was more to working in this school and being a teacher.
So, besides teaching at school every week, what have I been up to in Korea?
Quite a bit actually.
I have been hiking a few times

view from my last hike


from the first time I went hiking here – Mt. Apsen, overlooking Daegu


eating some great food
and desserts:)

bing su, with my friend Colette


going to a beautiful island

on Namhae


attempting to learn Korean
trying to keep in touch with people from America and Uganda
making friends and hanging out with them

with some of my friends here


As busy as my days and weeks may be, I am truly thankful for the opportunity I have to be living here and doing this.


much love!


month one – over

By the lack of blogs, one could draw a number of conclusions…
I don’t like it here
Nothing is happening
Life is boring
I am busy
I’ve run away
I’ve forgotten how to type

I think the only one in the above list that is remotely true, would be, I am busy.  But along with that, I would also say that I have been trying to find a rhythm, to my daily life here, and all that needs to be done.

Sometimes it feels like it was just last week I was getting off the plane in Seoul, to start my life in Korea.  But, one month of school has already concluded.  I feel like it was definitely a learning experience for me as a teacher (and one would hope a learning experience for my students, as well:)

Along with regularly scheduled classes, we had some special events that the kids enjoyed.
One such event would be the zoo; or a few different animals came to the school and the kindergartners were able to see the animals up close.

so close, we all pet a large snake – I even had it wrapped around my shoulders


IMG_4427some of my kids petting animals at the “zoo”


We also had cooking class, where the kids had fun making and eating ladybugs.

one of my classes working on their ladybugs


IMG_4449one of my boys proudly showing off his finished ladybugs


Picnic, better known as field trip, this past month, was at MBC; which is the local broadcasting studio.  We, better yet, those who speak Korean, learned about the newsroom, and I don’t even know what else:)  But, we were able to see the blue screen in action, which was pretty cool.

6 year old classes on the blue screen


April has already started, and there is plenty to keep me busy and plenty for me to learn.


much love!


i made it

Before, I had mentioned that me getting this job and preparing to go to Korea was a whirlwind.  Well, leaving America was no different!

I had been waiting for my visa, in order for a ticket to be purchased so I could leave for Korea. Tuesday afternoon, my passport with my Korean visa was back in my possession.  That night, my ticket was purchased for Thursday afternoon.
Wednesday, I finished packing, while it kind of sunk-in that I was flying half way across the world the next day.
Thursday morning, one of my friends took me to the airport, then I spent the next 24 hours or so traveling to my new home in Daegu.

waiting for my bus to Daegu at the Incheon airport Friday night


image3on the bus – yes, I need sleep!


image2and when you need sleep, sometimes the fisheye camera and funny faces come out:)


Saturday, we had orientation, all day.  I thought it was going to be orientation for the teachers, turns out it was orientation for the parents about this upcoming school year.  In the morning it was parents who have been with the school before; after lunch we had the same program all over again for parents new to the school.

I might still feel a little lost and like I have no idea what is going on, but slowly by slowly that feeling is dissipating.

It has been good to meet my fellow teachers and to get a little bit better understanding of what the school is like.  Also, to unpack and make this room feel a little bit like home.

my room


image5the view from my room


much love!